To Mediate Or Not To Mediate, That Is The Question: Part 2

by Samantha Tinter
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So you’ve decided it’s over, you’ve had it, the final straw has broken the camel’s back. Now what? The next decision you make is very personal and very important.

Everyone somehow has a neighbor whose cousin went through a divorce and got the house, half the pension, most of the stock portfolio, alimony, the Lexus, the shore house and sleep away camp for the kids paid for.

I have never met these phantom cousins. What I have met are people that are in one of the worst familial crises of their adult lives and just want the emotional anguish and torture to end.  I have met the people that are sad and disappointed and while they don’t think the marriage should end, they are realistic enough to see that it has.  I have met the people that want what is best for their children.  I have met the people that are angry and heartbroken but they are not out for blood.  I have met the people that simply want to move on.  These are the kinds of clients we see in mediation.


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