Adam and Samantha work with you and your spouse to negotiate the acceptable terms as the marriage dissolves.

Over the course of about 5-7 sessions (go at your own pace, we take as short or as long as you need to come to the best resolution) we look at everything from finances and equitable distribution of assets to parenting plans to create the best possible arrangement for your family during this challenging transition. Once the sessions have concluded, you will have a complete Memorandum of Understanding, which is the agreement you designed, to present to your attorney to be filed in the most time and cost efficient manner possible over the litigative process.

Each session is 90 minutes.

Individual and Co-Joint Counseling

Individual Couple's Counseling:
The couple will meet with Samantha or Adam to work through challenges in the marriage that are causing barriers within the relationship preventing it from being fulfilling and cohesive.

Sessions are 60 minutes.

Co-joint Couple's Counseling:
Similar to individual counseling, except the couple will meet with both Samantha and Adam during the same session. This dynamic creates an environment that helps neutralize emotions and allow each party individual attention during the session if needed and each voice to be heard.

Sessions are 75 minutes.


Post-Divorce Co-Parenting Sessions

The divorced couple will meet with both Adam and Samantha during the same session to workout, discuss, execute or re-create a parenting plan that is in the best interest of the child(ren). During these sessions, parents have the opportunity to bring to light questions, concerns and limitations that have occurred since the divorce in an effort to work collaboratively in defining the new relationship of co-parenting.

Sessions are 75 minutes.